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How Smart And Safe Are Smart Meters
if you never read ant thing else about smart meters at least read this and watch the videos. it could affect you and your familys lives permanently.

Electric smart meter… Going on just the name, this sounds like something really cool, right?

But just how “cool” are smart meters? Not cool at all actually. While the government and utility companies echo each other on how safe sma     ...Please login to read full article
click to enlarge smart meters health hazard
smart meters health hazard

your privacy gone

health hazard

infants health at risk

cancer causing devices

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Computer Jargon
Here is a short list of computer jargon that you may find usefull. please feel free to add more.

404 error
An error message received when you try to access a web page that either doesnt exist or is unavailable at the address you gave.

80211a, 80211b, 80211g, 80211i, 80211n Different standards for operating wireless networks (Wi-Fi). Loosely the higher the letter, the faster the sp     ...Please login to read full article

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Brompton Folding Bikes
Brompton recalls nearly 150,000 folding bicycles over axle fault

British firm announces voluntary recall after part broke on one in 5,000 bikes, in one case resulting in a cyclist being hurtrnBromptons bike factoryrnBromptons chief executive said it was potentially going overboard with the recall but wanted to protect its reputation. Photograph: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images

The Britis     ...Please login to read full article
click to enlarge brompton folding bikes
brompton folding bikes

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Item: Phones . Make: Apple . Model: Iphone8
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Iphone 8 Battery Problems ?
Apple has admitted its looking into multiple reports of swelling batteries in its new flagship iPhone 8 Plus smartphones.

Pictures on social media and growing reports from tech websites and mainstream news media have shown a number of the high end iPhone 8 Plus handsets that appeared to have split alongside the side, forcing the screen to come away from the main body of the phone.

C     ...Please login to read full article
click to enlarge battery problems
battery problems
click to enlarge boxed iphone 8
boxed iphone 8


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